i can't hang out today, my pet rock is having digestive issues

we weren’t able to make new friends, so these presidents kept us company

inspired by this

almost twisted an ankle while hiking,

will never take walking for granite

but hey, schist happens!


500 days of bickering

but abandoned railroad tracks weren’t as intimidating as we thought they’d be

just look at the weed, the graffiti, those rags waving in the wind..

as ghetto as oregon gets

into the forest we gooo

be-leaf me, i was starting to get sycamore trees, oak-ay?

trees trees everywhere

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i spy a tricera-at-tops of those trees

jacolyn’s belly button was showing..

if you look closely at the first one

some guy takes part in our tourist shot

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o k o k  this one is actually pretty good
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safe to say my parents are kinda bamfs

fabulous fotoshoots

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