i can't hang out today, my pet rock is having digestive issues
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so i just took a shower and i did my life thinking in there.. i was thinking about english class and how i was talking to ellen and erika and we were talking about something and i jokingly said “wow i’ll just major in psychology” . then that got me thinking more and i think i really DO want to major in that.. zomg it’d be so cool to be able to read people and know what they’re like and how they think and read their body language and whatnot. then when i’m older, i could be a psychologist and make so much money just by sitting there and talking to someone about their issues.. well putting financial reasons aside, i think majoring in psychology would be fun.. i’d be able to learn about the human mind and know how people think .. i had a teacher who majored in this and one day he freakin described me and he was pretty accurate. i want to be able to do that. now i realllyyy want to major in psychology and possibly become a psychologist or something that relates. wow i’m thinking so far ahead, but it seems right for now. see what showers can do to you

i imagine finnick from catching fire as zefron


wouldnt that just be great

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Emma Watson photographed by Jan Welters for Elle France, September 2011

so….. why does she look a little like kristen stewart here..

I thought I saw her dancing as a schoolgirl for Britney

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